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Neighborhood Sun's community solar subscribers have saved over $6 Million on their electricity bills thanks to the clean, local energy. 
Reserve your share of a solar farm in your community to start saving on each monthly electricity bill.
Local Community Members Served by This Project:
General Subscriber Savings:
10% Discount
Annual Solar Energy Generated:
12,153,527 kWh
Annual CO2-equivalent Prevented:
7,814 metric tons

Griffiths 2

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Located in
Johnstown, Colorado
Utility Provider
Xcel Energy Colorado (Xcel)
Developed By
under construction

Get to Know Your Solar Farm!

The Griffiths 2 Community Solar Farm will be hard at work turning sunshine into savings for subscribers like you, generating enough fossil-fuel-free electricity to power hundreds of nearby homes in the local community each year once it is fully constructed and connected to the grid.

As a subscriber, you'll be helping your community transition to renewable energy while also benefitting from a 10% discount on the Community Solar Credits generated by your designated "share" of this community solar farm. Your share typically covers up to 90% of your monthly electricity needs, meaning you'll get a 10% discount on the majority of the energy you consume thanks to your community solar subscription. You'll see the portion of electricity covered by your share in the form of Community Solar Credits reflected on your monthly utility bill (reducing the total amount you owe your utility provider) once your share of Griffiths 2 Community Solar Farm is generating electricity, and then you'll pay Neighborhood Sun for those Community Solar Credits at a 10% discount.