Neighborhood Sun


 Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Neighborhood Sun's community solar subscribers have saved over $6 Million on their electricity bills thanks to the clean, local energy. 
Reserve your share of a solar farm in your community to start saving on each monthly electricity bill.
Local Community Members Served by This Project:
General Subscriber Savings:
10% Discount
Annual Solar Energy Generated:
265,000 kWh
Annual CO2-equivalent Prevented:
170 metric tons


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Located in
Brooklyn, New York
Utility Provider
Con Ed (Con Ed)
Developed By
generating discounted clean energy

Get to Know Your Solar Farm!

The Evergreen community solar farm is located on the rooftop of Lieber’s Kosher Foods in Brooklyn, N.Y., and it has been providing savings to local subscribers in the Con Ed utility region since late 2022. In just one year of supporting community solar, this farm's subscribers are preventing 188 Metric Tons of CO2 emissions-- equivalent to the amount of carbon it would take 3,105 tree seedlings 10 years to sequester.

Subscribers are also benefitting from 10% savings on the solar energy generated by their share through clean energy credits. Since New Yorkers benefit from consolidated billing as a part of state policy, their community solar savings appear directly on their Con Ed monthly electricity bill. This community solar farm provides approximately 40 homes with access to clean energy savings while displacing 214 kilowatts of dirty electricity per year from the grid.