Neighborhood Sun


 Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Neighborhood Sun's community solar subscribers have saved over $6 Million on their electricity bills thanks to the clean, local energy. 
Reserve your share of a solar farm in your community to start saving on each monthly electricity bill.
Local Community Members Served by This Project:
General Subscriber Savings:
LMI Only
Income-Qualified Subscriber Savings:
25% Discount
Annual Solar Energy Generated:
3,801,311 kWh
Annual CO2-equivalent Prevented:
2,444 metric tons

Oaks Landfill 2

Located in
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Utility Provider
Potomac Electric Power Co (Pepco)
Developed By
generating discounted clean energy

Get to Know Your Solar Farm!

The Oaks Landfill Community Solar Farm is a groundbreaking project for Montgomery County and Maryland as a whole. This solar farm, constructed, owned, and operated by Ameresco Inc., resides on 16 acres of a capped Landfill in Neighborhood Sun's hometown of Montgomery County. Additionally, this is the largest residential community solar farm in the country to reserve 100% of its power for low- and moderate-income (LMI) residents who receive their electricity via Pepco.  This ensures residents who qualify as LMI to receive 25% savings on their electricity costs every month.