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Neighborhood Sun's community solar subscribers have saved over $2 Million on their electricity bills thanks to the clean, local energy. 
Reserve your share of a solar farm in your community to start saving on each monthly electricity bill.
Local Community Members Served by This Project:
General Subscriber Savings:
10% Discount
Income-Qualified Subscriber Savings:
30% Discount
Annual Solar Energy Generated:
3,918,000 kWh
Annual CO2-equivalent Prevented:
2,519 metric tons

Shepherd's Mill

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Located in
Union Bridge, Maryland
Utility Provider
The Potomac Edison Company (PE)
Developed By
Standard Solar
generating discounted clean energy

Get to Know Your Solar Farm!

The Shepherd’s Mill solar farm aptly received its name by being located right off Shepherd’s Mill road in Union Bridge, Maryland. Nestled just outside downtown Union Bridge and close to Little Pipe Creek, the solar farm is located in Carroll County and sits right on the northeast border of Frederick County. The solar farm will generate an average of 2.9 Megawatts of electricity per year, and will supply roughly 700 homes with clean energy over its 25-year lifespan. 

Solar Helps Advance Resident Equality (S.H.A.R.E.)

As a part of our efforts to increase access for the Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) community through our S.H.A.R.E. program, a portion of the Shepherd's Mill Community Solar Project's shares of clean energy are guaranteed to benefit Low- and Moderate-Income Subscribers. To help offset the higher energy burden they are challenged with, these Income-Qualified Subscribers get a 30% discount on their clean energy (20% more than General Subscribers).

Joining a local community solar farm is easy.

You get a share of the output from a community solar farm in your area while earning a credit on your bill, lowering your electricity costs. 

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When the community solar farm is ready for subscribing, follow the simple online-signup process that takes less than 10 minutes. There is no cost to join and you can cancel for free at any time.

We Deliver Solar to the Grid

Your share of our community solar project provides clean electricity to the local grid. You continue to receive power from your utility.

Receive Solar Credits

You will receive billing credits each month on your existing electricity bill. Your solar cost is less, enabling at least 10% guaranteed savings.

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