Neighborhood Sun

Solar Advocate

We could all use a bit more sunshine, right? 

Earn $50 for each friend you help subscribe to community solar.

Most people still think rooftop solar is the only way to access clean energy, but you've seen the brighter side of things now with community solar! As one of our passionate and supportive early adopters, it's up to you to help us spread the word so everyone in your life can access clean, local energy and save money while doing it.

Each new subscriber means more money being reinvested in communities and less pollution from fossil fuels. 


Get $50 for each person who signs up thanks to your referral!

As a Neighborhood Sun Solar Advocate, you will displace even more fossil fuels from your local electric grid by helping neighbors and friends access the benefits of community solar. 

Referring is fast and easy, and there's no limit to how much you can earn! Just enter your friend's email address and name, and we'll give you a chance to confirm the email before we send it.


What is a Tango Card and where can I spend it?

You can use your $50 Tango Card to buy from hundreds of your favorite brands or donate to a nonprofit that's important to you! Learn more

When and how will I receive the gift card?

Once the person you referred has completed enrollment (finished signing up), you and that person will each receive your $50 Tango Cards by email. If the person whose information you entered does NOT actually complete enrollment, you will NOT get a gift card. 

How many friends can I refer?

In the fight against climate change, the more the merrier! Try getting your whole neighborhood powered by local solar and see how much you can earn along the way.