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Project: Shepherds Mill

The Shepherd’s Mill solar farm aptly received its name by being located right off Shepherd’s Mill road in Union Bridge, Maryland. Nestled just outside downtown Union Bridge and close to Little Pipe Creek, the solar farm is located in Carroll County and sits right on the northeast boarder of Frederick County. The solar farm will generate an average of 2.9 Megawatts of electricity per year, and will supply roughly 700 homes with clean energy over their 25-year lifespan. In addition, a portion of the project is solely dedicated to residents who qualify for our S.H.A.R.E Program: Apartment renters and homeowners who historically contribute the least amount of pollution. The farm’s solar shares will be subscribed by ratepayers who live in the Potomac Edison/First Energy electric utility territory.

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Location303 Shepherd's Road, Union Bridge
Savings10% Open, 30% LMI
Plan Length1 year
Joining & Service FeesNone
Size of Solar ShareCovers 50% - 80% of of your monthly electricity usage. Your solar electricity is delivered through your Potomac Edison service.
CancellationNo fee, but may take up to 90 days to process cancellation

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How it works from signup to savings

When you sign up for a community solar project, you will receive credits each month on your electricity bill. These credits will go toward offsetting the cost of your bill, allowing you to save money and contribute to a more sustainable future. It's that simple. Here are the three easy steps to make it happen.

1. Provide Basic Details

Fill out a subscription form with basic details (name, email, etc.) and have a recent electricity bill handy. As you continue your registration, you'll have to enter your utility account number and energy usage information so we can determine the right amount of the solar project to allocate to your bill.

2. Access Dashboard

Once you've subscribed, you will be given access to a personal dashboard where you can see the project's solar energy production, your document library (contract, bills, etc.) and your monthly savings.

3. See Savings

You will start seeing savings on your electricity bill about one month after your community solar project becomes operational.

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